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Frequently Asked Questions

What services do you offer to assist in a move?

I organize all aspects of my clients’ moves using outside vendors whenever necessary to accomplish the tasks at hand. I find that using outside vendors allows me to keep my overhead to a minimum while continually providing the highest level of service.  

What differentiates you from other companies in your field?  

My experience and discretion.   I appreciate the need for confidentiality in every aspect of a move.  I assume that every detail of a move is private.   My experience has taught me to focus on my clients’ satisfaction.

Who are your clients?

My client is always the homeowner but I may be paid directly by realtors who understand that the investment they make in having a home prepared for sale will pay dividends to them as the home shows better and is easier for the client to maintain. 

My clients range from people in the process of selling their homes to the children of homeowners who are trying to assist a parent in need to busy professionals who are seeking to organize their homes so they can focus on what they do best.  

Do you bring in furniture? 

Though I am not a staging company, I can assist you in purchasing or selecting items to help enhance your décor.  I believe in working with what clients have on hand whenever possible.  I know stores like Home Goods and Crate and Barrel are rich with great finds that are more reasonable to buy than to rent.

Do you provide cleaning services?

I do have a list of vendors who can provide cleaning services as well as “take away” of items which are no longer needed.

What do you do with things that are still usable?

Depending on their value, I can channel them to auctioneers, consignment shops or donation facilities that will pick up reusable items, large and small, often at no charge.   

How do you deal with items that are beyond use such as old appliances or other items that need to be removed?  

I can provide a list of companies which offer “clean out” services or I can bring in a dumpster if the removal is something that will need to happen over a period of time for various reasons.

How do you charge?  

Best Nest offers a 2-hour initial visit during which I assess your needs and begin to work.  I will arrive with materials that are needed based on information received during my first contact with the client or realtor. 
I have a 2-hour minimum for all subsequent work sessions, which are billed at an hourly rate.    

What areas do you serve?

I work primarily in the Chestnut Hill and surrounding  areas, but also travel to Center City and the Main Line for a nominal fee.  
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